Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unit 3: Reading Response

When reading this particular reading take note of two things:
Key components for writing in a narrative tool & new ideas to incorporate into your story.
These two concepts will shape your story into a great narrative piece. One thing that stuck with me that you may want to look for is the concept of using a SCRIPT to portray my narrative piece.
A SCRIPT will do two things for you:
Help you organize your story so that you can see what's going on & lay out your new ideas in front of you to better construct your story.

I also took from this reading that it is important to keep the audience interested. This is important because without an interested audience you do not have an effective story. You want to know two things and be able to differentiate between them: what your audience "sees" and what your audience "hears". This leads me to my favorite section in the reading, "What Makes A Good Story". This section gives us several ideas and concepts used to keep the audience interested such as: CONFLICT, FEELINGS, and EMOTIONS.

These concepts allow your audience to connect with your piece rather than just watching it. Feelings and emotions are key to having an effective story and keeping an audience interested. You want your audience to FEEL something when they watch it. You also want them to connect with the EMOTION of the conflict and with their own EMOTIONS. The last component CONFLICT, brings forth issues in the narrative. The conflict is the argument you are making oppose to something else.

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